I’ve just completed Walt Fritz’ myofascial release workshop for disorders of the neck and upper chest region, issues of swallowing, voice, and breath, and speech-language pathologies.

Conditions that could be alleviated include dysphonia, oropharyngeal dysphagia, dyspnea, globus pharyngeus, trismus, post-surgery recovery, radiotherapy fibrosis, head and neck cancer radiation pain, and even tracheal stenosis.

I’ve not yet written my own web-page for this therapy, so in the meantime, see Fritz’s overview of MFR for SLP, and this collection of his videos showing the treatments I can offer.

    Introductory order of techniques:

  1. diaphragm
  2. thoracic outlet cross-handed release, lateral
  3. sternal and neck stretch, inferior/superior
  4. supine largyngeal excursion
  5. seated langyngeal and TOS/neck stretch
  6. hyoid mobilization
  7. submandibular deep-tissue
  8. lengual stretch: extend, knead, shear, and bite    
  9. TMJ: superior medial aspect of medial (vertical) pterygoid with index pad
  10. TMJ: caudal pressure on lower back molar with thumb pad
  11. Cutaneous stretch, multiple directions, of lateral jaw, zygomatic muscles