Lasting, positive change within three sessions

To set up an appointment, please email or text-message 289-668-9728. My method is evidence-based myofascial treatment tempered by relaxation styles. “Swedish” massage feels good, but does it fix things? “Structural” bodywork fixes things, but does it feel good? I’m trained in both; everyone seeks a different balance.

Covid note: I take all precautions for the safest environment. I wear N95 masks at all times and get tested weekly. I schedule most sessions on weekends when the clinic is empty, when we can leave the treatment room door open and, weather permitting, a window open. Using a strong but quiet Dyson fan that blows air past the table and directly out the door, we have constant fresh air flow.

Certified “Myofascial Integration Posture Alignment”
Registered massage therapist
Certified spa therapist

in St Catharines in Niagara Falls
on hold during Covid   Saturdays 2pm-9pm
Sundays 2pm-9pm
Mondays 2pm-9pm

RMT for: McKinley-Molodynia Chiropractic Chair massage for: GoodLife At Work